Friday, July 1, 2011

Importance of resume cover letters

The importance of a resume cover letter is always been high as it is the opening sheet of your resume document.  
A resume cover letter is an important document of the resume. Nowadays it is mandatory to attach a separate sheet for it to describe how keen you are to do the job. It should also cover how capable you are, how you can bring profit to the organization, if given a chance to work, are the points expected to be highlighted in the cover letter. When you submit your resume, the cover letter also has to go with it, and it is the opening document of your resume as a whole, so it has to be written effectively, with absolute error free language and grammar. Cover letter’s basic aim is to ask for the interview, get short listed and impress the employer in such a way, to go ahead with reading your resume.  
Resume Cover Letters
You have just few seconds to impress the employer, as the hiring officer has to go through many other resumes before short listing anyone. Therefore, the question arises that how to write these letters correctly? The answer is very simple. It has to be very short with an understandable font and font size. It should cover all your strengths and give a brief about your profile. If you want to know more and write a good resume cover letter, then follow these steps:
·         Start with the name of the person you are addressing, along with the name of the organization. Then greet him/her with Dear Mr/Ms (name of the person) and start the introductory paragraph. This paragraph should not exceed more than 2 to 3 lines.
·         The letter’s sole purpose is to impress the employer in such a way that he/ she will go ahead reading your resume. Thus, your cover letter has to be error free and along with good grammar, good language should be used. It should be unique and interesting.
·         Then is the body of the cover letter which has to be specific, and a brief description about why you want to work with the organization, and how beneficial you are for it.
·         Last but not the least, before closing it, end with a thank you for considering your profile and taking out time to read it. So, end it with ‘Sincerely’, your name and after printing it, sign it. It creates an authentic impression.  


  1. Thanks Roony,
    It was a great help...
    A cover letter should describe the overall goal of your resume and your special skills.

  2. We everyone knows cover letter is a key part of the modern day job application process.

  3. Cover letter are about selling yourself. You need to showcase why are you the most suitable candidate for the position you're applying.
    This standard cover letter is great sample that will help you to write a cover letter.